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Women in Energy – Perth brings you an exceptional panel of women who have paved the way for emerging leaders and professionals, representing the endless possibilities and opportunities for women from all walks of life and with different aspirations.

Sharyn LongKrystal Skinner and Robyn Waltl will give us an overview of their inspiring journey in the energy industry followed by a panel discussion around Equality versus Equity, including questions from the audience.

There will be an opportunity to network over drinks and canapes after the panel discussion.

Number of attendees for this event are strictly limited.


Meet our Moderator and Panellists


Moderator: Ana Farla – Product Owner, Synergy

Ana has 15 years experience in the energy industry and is a Product Owner at Synergy where she actively contributes to the rapidly evolving energy industry by delivering key initiatives which will help shape the new energy landscape. She also creates awareness in the community about the importance of having reliable and affordable energy and how we all play a role in the transition.

Ana actively contributes to the energy industry by volunteering in different committees: Australian Institute of Energy (Secretary), Women in Energy (Vice-Chair), Energy in WA Conference committee and Synergy Gender Equity Committee. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion and aspire to create high performing working environments where inclusion is understood and valued. Ana believes that every small step leads to making a big difference and focuses on creating awareness about the importance of promoting diversity in opinions as we innovate and create a new perspective on the industry while taking our community on the journey.

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Panellist: Sharyn Long – Business Group Lead for Resource Engineering and a Technical Director, GHD

Sharyn is the Business Group Lead for Resource Engineering and a Technical Director at GHD with over 15 years of industry experience. Prior to joining GHD in 2007, she completed her PhD in Materials Engineering at Monash University, Melbourne. Sharyn has significant experience in delivering services for the lifecycle of an asset, from durability planning during design phase, detailed condition assessments to estimate remaining life (and life extension reviews), as well as remediation and maintenance design and specifications. She has worked on various civil, maritime and transport structures for both the public and private sector, including water/wastewater authorities, transport authorities (including ports) and the energy and mining sector throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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Panellist: Krystal Skinner – Executive General Manager, Customer and Community, Horizon Power

Krystal is the Executive General Manager, Customer and Community at Horizon Power, a vertically integrated utility servicing regional and remote WA. Krystal leads Horizon Power’s retail business, with teams located across WA, to deliver energy solutions that create regional growth and vibrant communities. Most recently, this has included the delivery of community battery projects, the successful solar schools’ program, and the establishment of Nila Janyba, which saw the return of Horizon Power’s contact centre operations to regional WA (Broome) from Melbourne.

Krystal has worked in the energy sector for more than 15 years across a variety of roles across retail services, marketing, technology and innovation. She is a passionate champion of a customer led approach to the energy transition and the importance of decarbonisation. Prior to her time in the energy industry, Krystal worked for the Macquarie Group and Savills Australia.

Krystal was a finalist for the Australian Institute of Energy’s WA Energy Professional of the Year in 2019, and Deputy Chair of the National Industry Working Group for the Energy Charter during 2021.

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Panellist: Robyn Waltl – Head of IT Delivery Enablement, Synergy

Robyn is a versatilist with a deep commitment to continuous growth and personal exploration. Her forty-year explorative career journey has seen her lead construction, technology and business efficiency initiatives across Australia—often in an era when she was the only woman at the table.

Currently the Head of Delivery Enablement at Synergy, Robyn has spent the last 10 years extending the business’s ability to navigate the complexities of a fast-changing technology landscape and profoundly disrupted and transforming electricity industry.


Her wide-ranging experiences has enabled her to support organisations and individuals navigate complex and emerging challenges and opportunities and derive novel and impactful responses.


She is heartfelt leader who actively creates spaces for the awkward conversations so personal biases and norms can be challenged with connection and understanding built through the sharing of our stories.

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Event details:

Registration: 5:00pm to 5:30pm

Panel discussion: 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Networking: 7:00pm to 8:00pm

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