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Join us for a dynamic and engaging workshop integrating the elements of agency, authenticity, and connection, led by Vicky Butler. We will uncover these 3 key qualities not only to learn how to work together, but also how to do so and amplify each other, leading to effective and empowering leadership.

Agency – Agency is a fundamental concept that underpins the sense of control and responsibility individuals have over their actions and their consequences. It’s the power to take meaningful action and make decisions that have an impact on one’s own life and the world around them.

Authenticity – Authenticity emphasises transparency, genuineness, and honesty. Authentic leadership inspires trust, fosters positive relationships, and drives long-term success in the workplace.

Connection – Connection involves creating supportive networks, fostering collaboration, and building strong relationships. Connected leadership means holding each person accountable for their performance – not through fear or intimidation, but through genuine connection and understanding of where the other person is coming from.

Date & Time: 18 July 2024 from 5:00pm (registration) – 7:30pm (networking until 8:00pm)

Venue: ATI-Mirage Training and Business Solutions, Cloisters, Perth

Drinks and nibbles provided.

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